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Why Malema excited NDC, NPP despite boom statements on corruption, economy, governance


General News of Friday, 2 February 2024

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Malema left a hero of sorts in the eyes of both NDC and NPP activists for different reasons.

He is back home in South Africa, where the ruling party is grappling with a stubborn former president (Jacob Zuma) who has recently been suspended from the African National Congress (ANC) for anti-party conduct.

Meanwhile, Malema and the EFF have been on the case of incumbent Cyril Ramaphosa who has been mentioned in a million dollar scandal related to cattle sales at his farm.

Message to youth, sit-tight presidents

Mr. Malema also urged African leaders to not impose themselves on their people beyond the constitutional requirement.

“We call on all African leaders not to leave an office with a coffin. When the time comes for them to go, they must leave without calling the army to extend their tenure. No one is born a leader, and no one is a traditional leader in a political office. If you want to be a traditional leader, go and fight in your tribe for those type of issues, we don’t subscribe to people who want to leave a political office with a coffin,” he added.

“We will still give you a state funeral because you are a former President, we will still pay you pensions and give you protection and take care of you as long as you respect those who came after you”, Mr. Malema noted.

On the other hand, he advised the youth against using unfair means to get the old generation out of leadership.

“We, as a younger generation of Africa, we must not seek to get rid of the old in a desperate manner to a point where we destroy institutional memory,” he said.

Rather, “We must always make sure that the old co-exist with the young but the old must be prepared to pass the wisdom to the young ones. Because, at some point, the old must die for the new to emerge and it is not me calling for the killing of the elderly African leaders, nature dictates that the old at some point must die for the new to emerge”.

“But this new must be prepared to learn from the old,” Mr Malema clarified.

For example, he said: “I was in Liberia yesterday and I saw the inauguration of an old president, I got so worried but when I saw Vice President, I left Liberia in a very comfortable way, because I saw a generational mix, where the old and the young co-exist in one office and I hope the Vice President will not be suffocated because the president must know that with all his experience and advanced age, he has a duty to pass the baton to the younger generation”.


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