I wept for the workers of the defunct banks and microfinance companies who went to work only to find their about two dozens of security personnel armed to the teeth as though they are going to war and their doors locked, signifying the end of the road for them. I wept irrespective of their political affiliations.

I remember the story of the singing bird who disturbed till the hunter shot it dead, which found the tortoise and the climbing plant in trouble.

Nana Addo is telling you once again, in the story above that SPEAK OUT. Don’t wait for destruction to reach your door. We all know the proverbial story of; “when they came for the socialist, I didn’t speak because I am not a socialist”, this resonate so well.

I am privileged to be alive in this last 10 years where God in his own wisdom, allowed 2 old men to be President of this republic. The two had different spirits and different hearts.

In 2008, he gave us an old man for 4 years who was later referred to as ” the father for all ” . He had a soft spot for all, irrespective of your political affiliations; he treated all fairly, with respect and the fact that, we are Ghanaians and have rights and are equal before the law. He did things to unite the nation and for us to move forward as one nation.

In 2016, he gave us another old man for 4 years who is called ” Nana yen ka Masem. He has proven to be the most vindictive, most intolerable President that Ghana has ever had in the fourth republic. A man whose back everyone wants to see.

God is a wise God, he will never give us any burden we can’t carry. Ghana deserves who we have today. We thought we were wiser than God and rejected the one who came to build, and we have gotten the one who has come to destroy.

This message is for the ones who have not yet made their mind to get involved in the rescue mission, like the climbing tree who refused to pass on the information from tortoise to the singing bird, must watch the number of destruction going on today. You can join the train to rescue or throw your hands in despair, but know, the vindictiveness and intolerance is within reach.

Yesterday at La, trade fair, a shear nut factory was destroyed, the man’s political association is not known. An ordinary business man struggling to survive under this excruciating business environment, who has employed a lot of hands; providing livelihood for them and their dependants.

On the same day, in that same premises, another multi million dollar company owned by a media man RAYMOND, was pulled down at trade fair in the middle of the night by agents of Nana, a man that has not created any direct employment for anyone, except galamsey for his people; which is causing havoc to our environment, destroying water bodies and livelihood.

The last time I checked, another building owned by Mustapha Gbandi, the former Deputy Secretary of the NDC was also pulled down for no apparent reason.

Should I tell you more ?

Excavators of small scale miners, who are not known to be associated with any political parties have been seized by agents of Nana Addo just to be given to his cronies and party aparachicks to even mine in water bodies and forest reserves. Yes this is the man we voted for.

It’s sad to see a President and its agents act with brazen impunity, anyway that is what we bargained for.

Let me tell you a biblical story to end this story.

Before Jesus was crucified, Pontius Pilate tried to free him on the feast of passover by exchanging him with a known and notorious criminal that was hated by all.

He presented Jesus and Barabbas, the criminal for a vote on who should be freed. When the results were declared, Pontius Pilate was shocked with the vote he saw. He exclaimed, can right thinking people behave this way ? He called for water and soap and washed his hands and said, you are on your own !!!

Indeed, the vote of the people meant, give us the criminal !!! He is our criminal and we like him .

Pastors like the Pharisees, sadducees and scribes who led the crusade to kill Jesus, today says no pastor should do politics.

Others also says they have been talking to Barabbas indoors not to misbehave, so they will not criticise him in public.

Poor Jesus, he hangs on the cross of chains we were, it’s on our chest, close to our hearts, waiting for his return on the 7th of December

I laugh when I see people on the fence, believing that this fight is a political fight between the NPP and the NDC.

For your information, this man, Nana Addo knows only the NPP and that makes the battle “his NPP, and the rest of Ghana .

Roll up your sleeves, buckle up and join the rescue mission. It’s our fight, let’s do it together for there are better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun



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