There is growing resentment among the rank and file of the Ghana Police Service following a drastic drop in their December salaries.

The difference in salaries barely two weeks after December 7, 2020, general elections is fuelling rumours that the recent upward adjustment in their salary was rose to possibly influence them ahead of the general elections.

Many of them are already protesting on social media platforms with varied comments expressing anger, regret and with some saying they have been taken for granted.

One comment read, “December is here, and as usual, government workers would be taken salaries earlier than usual, what the officers are saying is that Salary adjustments announced in November and paid successfully are nowhere to be found, It has flipped, flopped and disappeared subsequently.”

In November, barely a month to the December 7 elections rumours were rife that the over 23,000 personnel of the Service, for example, had been surprised with over 100% pay rise across board.

Director of Public Affairs at the Police Service, Superintendent Kwesi Fori who confirmed in an interview described the pay rise as “shocking and very positive”.

The government was tight-lipped over the increment, but leaked pay slips confirmed that the lowest rank in the Police service has seen about 200 percent increase in their take-home pay.

But December slips have left many hoping to smile home again devastated.

One post read “John Mahama predicted that; He actually said many of the freebies announced by the government including the unannounced salary increments were to win votes. November Pay was prompt. December, our hopes have been dashed. A huge slap in the face. Removal from CAP 30 is next.”

Another Facebook message said “Dear Nana Addo and IGP. The salary adjustment that was paid to Police Officers in November and was publicly announced. Please come out and make it public again that it has been removed after the elections.”

The Ghana Police Service is yet to officially respond to the allegations or clarify the matter.


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