Some unknown hands are “covering up” something in the murder of Tiger Eye PI’s investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale, his brother Alhassan Unus has alleged.

Mr Unus has also accused the Ghana Police Service of being sluggish with its investigations into the cold-blooded murder of Hussein-Suale at Madina a year ago in the full glare of the public at daytime.

He wondered why a year on, the security apparatus has not been able to apprehend the killers of his brother.

An assailant fired several gun shots at Hussein-Suale at his residence at Madina in January last year while he drove home.

Speaking on Class91.3FM’s evening news ‘505’, Mr Unus bemoaned the slow pace of the investigation into his brother’s death by the security agency, and wondered why they had not adopted some technology to arrest the suspects.

He said the police have not informed the family of anything concerning the progress of the investigations.

According to him, the family is not happy with the police, and doubted if investigations were even ongoing despite a comment by the Public Relations Officer of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service (ASP) Juliana Obeng that the police has made “tremendous progress” in the investigation except that she could not put out the details in the public domain for security reasons.

He questioned why the police refused an offer from the UN to assist with the investigations.

“The police haven’t given us any information with regard to what is going on, nothing of that sort has happened between us and the police. You know, we are stakeholders in this whole issue, so, if there is something, at least, the family must be involved, but nothing of that sort is happening. I think they do their own things without involving us. As a family, we are not satisfied, we thought that, at least, those behind the act were arrested and prosecuted.

“That is not done and for you to come and say that you are doing investigations, I mean how, how do you expect us to believe you? We don’t believe the police; when such murders happen, the international bodies send their personnel to come and help us [Ghana] but, as a country, we told them we can deal with the situation, and that they should allow us to do it, and since then nothing has happened.

“When it’s their own, they quickly find the suspects… why have they turned deaf ears to the matter? So, why has it taken so long to find the suspects. In a way, we think there is a cover-up somehow,” he alleged.


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