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Stacy Amoateng was at Edumfa Prayer camp for one year – Quophi Okyeame


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Quophi Okyeame, husband of popular TV presenter Stacy Amoateng, has finally opened up about his wife’s sickness that took her offscreen for over 2 years.

Speaking for the first time, eight years after his wife’s resignation as host of TV3 Music Music, a flagship show she co-hosted with Bola Ray, Quophi Okyeame has revealed that, his family had to stay at the Edumfa Prayer Camp for one year.

According to him, their stay at the Prayer Camp was part of the healing process for his wife.

Explaining how the whole spiritual sickness begun, he told Kofi Adoma in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb that it unfolded after his wife gave two of her dresses and panty to her friend.

The said ‘female friend’ who went to the house of the Amoateng’s late in the evening, had claimed she was locked outside her home but needed to freshen up for a supposed meeting.

“We got a visitor in the house and the complaint was, she was locked behind her house. We are people’s people. We open our doors to everybody…So she opened the doors and allowed her in. The lady claimed, she wanted to shower and she had a meeting to attend.

She took a shower in our house, eventually took her dresses. She wore one and took another as well. She is Stacy’s friend. And even took an extra panty, a new one. We really didn’t think anything.

So later on, she returned one of the dresses and the rest is history. This happened in 2012. After a couple of months, then the whole thing (sickness) started,” Quophi Okyeame narrated in the interview.

Though she underwent surgery, that didn’t help her situation. Mr. Amoateng disclosed that they travelled to Edumfa after gospel musician Cecilia Marfo directed them to do that.

Mr. Amoateng said after several proofs, he now believes that there is the existence of juju and spiritual attacks.

Watch the full video below:

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