By: Stephen Kwabena Attuh

I’m typing out of emotions at this moment.

This man, Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, aside his working in the Rawlings’ regime, I cannot remember any role and position he occupied in any subsequent NDC government.

Immediately he found himself in opposition after the Rawlings’ administration came to an end, he was haunted and persecuted for every things he did and eventually jailed under bizarre circumstances, circumstances which led to his ability to fight back to overturn those court decisions. He was even tried with laws that were not in existence at the time the supposed crimes he was alleged to have committed, were committed.

These processes nearly took his life.

However, this man has remained committed to the party NDC. He has always stood up at times we least expected he would. And he has sometimes had his intellect in the law questioned. We knew him to be intelligent. Even those who came after him and sometimes made him to appear to have a deficit in the law, would secretly admire his intellect and appreciation of the law.

He was severally made to look unintelligent, and in all these instances, it was because he attempted to stand for the NDC, a party in which for well over 20 years, he had not held any position.

While he remains committed to the course of the party and would sacrifice his time, health and old age for, some of those who served under under Rawlings, served under Mills and were merely replaced under Fmr. President John Mahama to give opportunity to other party members and young people, have become embittered with the party and would miss no opportunity to betray the party for their personal comfort.

I have enormous respect for this level of commitment that the party continues to enjoy from Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata.

Respect Sir.

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