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One day, I’ll point out where ‘dead bodies’ of this government are buried – Raymond Archer serves notice


General News of Saturday, 29 July 2023

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Businessman Raymond Archer has sounded a strong warning to the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

According to the businessman, the Akufo-Addo administration having been responsible for the collapse of several businesses in a politically motivated modus operandi, have several skeletons in their closet for which persons within the government will one day account.

“No sensible businessman in the history of Ghana’s politics has politically targeted and destroyed the business (s) of a fellow businessman and hopes that they will get away with it.

“I can assure Mckorley (McDan) that the day of reckoning is surely coming and the days of smash and grab will give way to a day of accountability. I wish to tell him that I am one person who knows where all the ‘dead bodies’ of this government are buried and I will be there someday to point to the graves.

“Like you rightly said in your statement, time tells the best story. That day has nothing to do with the NDC coming to power,” he stated in a strongly worded statement in response to Board Chairman of the Trade Fair Company Limited, Dr Daniel McKorley also know as McDan.

According to Raymond Archer who has accused McDan of overseeing the demolition of several businesses including his multimillion-dollar factory at the Trade Fair site, McKorley who has been the beneficiary of juicy government contracts also stands to account for his deeds someday.

“… I then asked Mckorley to pray that his party will stay in power forever, because there is no way on earth that these juicy contracts will continue under a new NDC government considering that he himself admitted on Metro TV that he is now a staunch member of the NPP, and considering that as a political appointee of the current President, he carries the same risk of political exposure like any other politician and they day of accountability will surely come,” he said.

McKorley in a JoyNews interview in early 2023 accused the youth of enjoying too much sleep at the expense of being productive in pursuit of success.

However in response to McDan’s statement Raymond Archer maintains that the reverse is rather the case and that it is McDan who has rather had the easy way out through juicy government contracts.

Raymond Archer who has been open in expressing his grievances about the demolition of his printing factory asked McDan to pray his party – New Patriotic Party – remains in power forever.

But in a statement responding to the Raymond, McDan said he harbours no fear of any such threat against him.

“As a businessperson who has witnessed different governments come and go, I understand the ebb and flow of political landscapes. In the past, we have had NDC governments, and presently we have an NPP government.

“One day the NDC will inevitably return to power, and I will continue to pursue my business endeavours with integrity, regardless of the political climate.

“In light of this, I would like to emphasize that no individual, such as the person mentioned, can undermine my resolve or cause any harm to me here in Accra, Ghana. Their actions may be limited to spreading falsehoods and promoting hate, but they hold no power over my pursuits or my character.

“Time has always been the ultimate judge, and it will reveal the truth in due course. I trust that my actions and dedication to my business will speak louder than any baseless accusations. It is my hope that we can all engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, focusing on the progress and development of our great nation,” he stated.

However in defence of his initial statement made in a Radio Gold interview, Raymond Archer in a statement dated July 28, 2023, said he still stands by what he said but emphasised that he never threatened to cause harm to him.

“I made these points to underscore two facts. That, if all Ghanaian youths were given a quarter of the juicy projects, contracts and the unprecedented foot-in-the-door that Mckorley has been given since his party came to power, many would have been more successful than he is.

“I also made these points to avert the mind of the NDC to the fact if they did not wake up to the realization of the continuous witch hunt of their businesses, businessman and stalwarts who are always targeted and hacked to the ground by the NPP, a time will come when sympathetic businesses and members of the NDC will become afraid to stick their neck for the party for fear that when power changes, they will be targeted by the NPP,” he said.

Read his full statement below:


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