Opinions of Thursday, 27 July 2023

Columnist: Joel Savage

Has any thoughtful Ghanaian pondered over why Kennedy Agyapong is such a powerful NPP politician who dares to speak what other officials fear? He sacrificed his life in the past to perform both noble and dirty tasks for President Nana Akufo-Addo, and as a result, he is well-versed in all of the politician’s and presidents’ innermost secrets.

I must caution the president and the NPP party to exercise caution while dealing with Ken Agyapong because someone like that cannot be silenced. A man’s secret about his friend, kin, or enemy, is more powerful than a weapon. Ken Agyapong possesses so many harmful secrets about the president and the party that he views them as weapons and believes it would cost him nothing to use them to demolish the entire political party.

Ghanaians have long noticed that Agyapong has faced strong criticism, animosity, backstabbing, and extreme hostility ever since he started to pursue his presidential aspiration. There is a reason why the majority of Ghanaians believe Ken Agyapong is unqualified to run for president. This opinion is not based on Ken Agyapong’s academic credentials, but rather on his history of violence, his treasonous statements, and his call for the assassination of late Ghanaian journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

These are some of the reasons I questioned Agyapong about whether he ever thought about running for president of Ghana in some of my previous writings about him.

People used to forget that one’s present actions will affect their future. If you drink too much during your life, you’ll likely get various diseases, including cancer, in your later years. This is why it’s common to hear people claim that what one sows, he will also reap. Kennedy Agyapong, did he ever realize that he will run for president? I can say that he doesn’t know because if he did, he wouldn’t have negatively affected his life. Can Agyapong change the past or is too late?

Nevertheless, despite all of his past mistakes and the serious crimes he has implicated himself in, Ken Agyapong continues to believe that the people love him. In reality, this is not an exaggeration; many people like Ken Agyapong because he is a strong orator and more intelligent than many of the NPP
politicians. I don’t hate him; in fact, I like him as well, however; because of his troubled history and the difficulties that surround him, I have repeatedly indicated that I will not support him.

I’ve written a lot of articles about Kennedy Agyapong, and I’ve repeatedly shown that he is smarter than the majority of the NPP politicians, including the president, in the field of both domestic and international politics. He appeared to be a very resentful man today because the party he financed and did their dirty jobs for them and also for the president, Akufo-Addo, now wants to pull him down, and it seems his bad deeds are back to haunt him, now that he opts to climb higher into Ghanaian politics.

Akufo-Addo, however, has forgotten that while he can use some NPP politicians, like Hopeson Adorye, and dump them without seeking retribution, not all of them can put up with his nonsense. Kennedy Agyapong is one of them, and the reason for this is that he has too many damaging and damning secrets about both the president and the Inspector General of Police. The president needs to understand that he can’t intimidate him since he doesn’t fear him, let alone his colleagues in the parliament house.

In the same way that Kwesi Nyantakyi, the former football administrator, had Akufo-Addo in his pocket, Ken Agyapong also has the president in his pocket, which is one of the reasons he keeps leaking information about his party and criticizing it. If caution is not exercised, he will bring down the entire
NPP party without losing anything. I don’t know why the president and NPP politicians are playing a risky game by underestimating him, but I must caution them.

Kennedy Agyapong has been a member of the party for a long time and is aware of its disappointment. He is the first NPP politician to have warned Akufo-Addo about how he was mismanaging the economy and activity at the port, stating that if care is not taken, firms and businesses will fail and the fortunes of the country will deteriorate. This has happened, therefore; do people accusing him of sabotaging the government, want him to run a campaign for Bawumia’s presidency? I won’t.

Considering that everything Kennedy Agyapong has said about Bawumia is accurate, I do not regard him as a traitor or a betrayer destroying anyone or the party. Similar to how the president is a phony lawyer, the vice president is a fake economist. In addition to lying, Bawumia is an unskilled economic wrecker who is fervently seeking the presidency, but since he is a member of this destructive government, any wise Ghanaian among the foolish ought to stop him from becoming president.

My sole piece of advice for Ken Agyapong is to apologize to Ghanaians, particularly the family of the murdered journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale. Agyapong doing so will not portray him as weak, foolish, or stupid, on the contrary, it will show empathy and respect.


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