Home Politics IMF bailout: Buaben Asamoa tackles Rachel Appoh over Mahama’s apology directive

IMF bailout: Buaben Asamoa tackles Rachel Appoh over Mahama’s apology directive


General News of Thursday, 7 July 2022

Source: peacefmonline.com

Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Buaben Asamoa, says there is no need for the government to apologize to Ghanaians over the decision to seek a “balance of payment support” from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In what appears to be a direct response to the call by Honourable Rachel Appoh, the former Member of Parliament for Gomoa Central for the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government to apologise to former President John Mahama, the NPP Communicator believes there is no point for any apology.

Mr. Asamoa’s response comes just two days after Honorable Appoh, had in a Facebook post lashed out at the Nana Addo administration for taking the country back to the IMF after the latter had initially ruled out any possibility of returning to the international financial instituition.

Hon. Appoh wrote: ”You see your own words have eventually come round to hit you guys. You talk and brag too much, that’s your problem as a Government. Humble yourself and apologize to Prez. Mahama because he is indeed a visionary leader.”

She adds: “You people used all manner of terrible words to criticize his Government while you people had not experienced what it takes to lead a country. The level of shame and disgrace is too much to bear after all the IMF bragging I guess. You see your smoothness level NPP Government??? You think Governance is easy??”

Honourable Appoh, who is a former Deputy Gender Minister further noted “Posterity is indeed judging Prez. Mahama, God have mercy on Ghana. Long live Ghana.”

Her comments appear not to have gone down well with the ruling party.

In a subtle, yet sharp riposte, Director of Communications for the NPP in an interview with Accra-based TV3 station, shot down calls for an apology eventhough he admitted that the NPP has been forced to eat its words publicly.

He pointed out that the country has indeed reached a crossroad with several options available, but the best and most useful of them would be returning to the IMF, “as proper management would yield better and different results than in previous years”.

“It is true that we are being forced to eat our words in public at this point, but there is no shame in that. It would be shameless to admit that the government decided to go to the IMF because our country’s economy has hit a stumbling block.

“If it comes to engagement with our brothers from the NDC then you have an interesting situation … I think they will have their day, but it is not about an apology. There is nothing to apologize about because much as, many of us believed, several Ghanaians still believe, some people in the NPP also believe, that it is possible we would develop a home-grown program rather than go under a program with the IMF because we have an Article 4 relationship with them,” he stated.

Mr. Asamoa further stated that the circumstances surrounding government’s decision to approach the IMF for a bailout are completely different and not as bizarre as when the previous administration led by John Dramani Mahama drove it straight to the IMF.

“I must state that the conditions are completely different from before….In our case, a global crisis is impeding production, supply, and global trade in general. I don’t see how the current can be blamed if the situation is beyond our control. The decision to engage with the IMF again is our best bet,” he added.


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