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Ghanaians will take NPP’s money like the Assin North experience and still vote them out in 2024


Opinions of Thursday, 10 August 2023

Columnist: Joel Savage

Ghanaians should query Akufo-Addo’s government on various issues, including why so many taxes are being imposed on the people following the E-Levy, even though the current Ghanaian president promised to reduce taxation after criticizing Mahama for imposing too many taxes on the people. More significantly, why are numerous NPP leaders hoarding large sums of money? The answer is simple: they are starving Ghanaians and depriving them of a better life to buy votes in 2024.

Akufo-Addo has been the president for nearly seven years and has yet to complete any important projects in the country, even though the country is in massive debt with no accountability. The same government previously charged each foreign traveller $150 for a COVID test at the Kotoka International Airport, and while the World Health Organization has lifted the COVID emergency threat, Ghanaians are still paying COVID tax and various other taxes that never existed in Ghana.

Meanwhile, the National Identification Authority charges foreigners $120 to produce a one-year non-citizen ID. As intelligent, concerned Ghanaians, we must ask why the government is aggressively making money, while the quack finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, claims that Ghana has no money and that Ghanaians, including pensioners, must go through a psychologically torturous debt restructuring program to secure an International Monetary Fund deal.

Failure, lies, deception, and corruption scandals will expose this government. To be honest, Akufo Addo did not win the 2020 presidential race because Jezebel Jean Mensa, the head of the electoral commission, rigged the elections for the incompetent, lazy, and corrupt Akufo Addo and because he lacks the intelligence to rule a nation and is only good at embezzling funds, he has failed miserably as a leader, but he wants history to repeat itself by rigging the elections again.

However, Ghanaians may be peaceful and coexist peacefully as Christians and Muslims, but Akufo Addo should never underestimate them or dismiss them as stupid. When people are pushed to their breaking point and can’t take it any longer, their rage is more powerful than an entire army. The president continues to humiliate the oppressed masses because they appear to be quiet, but in 2024, the poor Ghanaians will demonstrate to the NPP government that power belongs to the people.

Ghana’s economy failed due to massive corruption. The influence of COVID and the Russian-Ukraine war was little; yet, the administration seeks to convince the public that the two are to blame for the government’s failure. The Akufo Addo administration wants Ghanaians to understand that the country lacks funds but apart from chronic corruption, the collapse of the 8 financial institutions, the negligence at the ports, and a drop in both domestic and foreign investments affected the economy.

On two separate occasions, Ghana’s failed and incompetent president, Akufo Addo, despite the carnage and collapse of all the country’s facilities, stated that he will do whatever it takes to gain victory for the NPP party. Following that, Bryan Acheampong, another NPP politician, made the treacherous claim that “the NPP will never hand over power to the NDC.” Ghanaians are prone to forgetting things, but Akufo Addo is thoroughly corrupt and believes what he says.

For a long time, Akufo Addo has quietly urged NPP politicians to do anything imaginable, whether illegal, official, or even criminal, to ensure the party’s triumph in 2024. That’s why, even though this government is the worst in Ghanaian political history, they can’t stop talking about breaking the 8th cycle. What has this government accomplished so far to merit breaking the eighth cycle? A whole hospital building serving communities was demolished, and the government failed to replace it.

Since the NPP politicians, including Ken Ofori-Atta, Akufo-Addo, Gabby Otchere-Darko, Paul Adom-Otchere, Cecilia Dapaah, and many others who are yet to be exposed, have significant sums of money stashed away in their homes, they want to use it to buy votes in the 2024 elections. However, because Ghanaians are not stupid, they would accept the money while still voting this useless political party out.

The incident that took place in Assin North that led to Gyakye Quayson’s triumph, will reoccur to topple the government after 2024. Akufo Addo and Ken Ofori-Atta should quit starving Ghanaians by imposing additional taxes as they hoard money to buy votes since the NPP will not win. Even Alan Kyerematen understands that the NPP will not win, the reason he says that two million votes from Kumawu will assure his victory, which will also fail regardless of how strong tribalism is in Ghana.


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