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Ghana ranked second to last on education globally – Prof. Adei


The literacy level of Ghanaians is nothing to write home about as Ghana has been ranked among the worse countries on education worldwide, Ghanaian educationist, Professor Stephen Adei has said.

According to him, Ghana can only redeem itself from this ‘shame’ by improving the quality of education at the basic school levels.

Citing the 2018 World Development Report to buttress his point, Professor Stephen Adei stated that the quality of education at various public schools have deteriorated, alleging that teachers are only babysitting students instead of imparting knowledge in their heads.

The educationist, giving out possible ways government can fight this negative tag conferred on the country on JoyFM’s Super Morning Show Monday, said “unless Ghana improves the quality of our education which starts from basic school quality the first 9 years, we are kidding ourselves. We are now on the world ranking about 3rd or second from the buttom. Ghana. Adehyieman ma, now you go to rank our education and we are one of the worse. In fact…only Niger was below us in terms of quality of our basic education.”

He alleged that most basic school students after their completion still come out as illiterates just as people who haven’t received an education.

Professor Stephen Adei averred that these students during their BECE pay bribes to invigilators to allow them cheat, and with this attitude, they come out of school without being able to construct a sentence without an error.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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