Home Politics Ex-Gender Minister stings Buaben Asamoah over failure to apologise for IMF return

Ex-Gender Minister stings Buaben Asamoah over failure to apologise for IMF return


General News of Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Rachel Appoh, a Deputy Minister of Gender and Child Protection under the Mahama administration, has taken a swipe at the Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Yaw Buaben Asamoa for stating that, the government will offer Ghanaians no apology for the country’s return to the International Monetary Fund.

Rachel Appoh had earlier demanded that the government apologizes to Ghanaians and former president John Mahama for what she considers to be unfair attacks and dishonesty on the part of the ruling party.

Rachel Appoh stated that Ghanaians deserved some apology from the government over how it had steered the economy into the current ditch.

But Buaben Asamoah in a TV3 interview, laid the point that the government will not apologize to anyone over the economic hardships.

In what is viewed to be a response to critics who are demanding a public show of remorse of the government, Buaben Asamoa stated there is nothing to apologize for.

“..it can’t be more truthful, it can’t be more candour than the announcement of the decision to go the IMF. Post that announcement, there is very little you can hide because the nature of the engagement with the IMF is very open, the programme that will be designed will be public knowledge, and the assessment on which the programme will be based will be public knowledge.

“If it comes to engagement with our brothers from the NDC then you have an interesting situation … I think they will have their day but it is not about an apology,” the NPP Communications Director told TV3 in an interview during the New Day Programme.

Mr. Asamoa further explained, “There is nothing to apologise about because much as, many of us believed, several Ghanaians still believe, some people in the NPP also believe, that it is possible we would develop a home-grown programme rather than go under a programme with the IMF because we have an Article 4 relationship with them.”

In a sharp rebuttal, Rachel Appoh has described his comments as reckless and a show of disrespect to Ghanaians.

“How can a whole communication director of NPP make this loose statement. I didn’t know you will respond to me. It’s your own cup of tea if you won’t apologize to anybody. Shame right?

“You cannot take Ghanaians for granted and be that disrespectful to the very people who gave you power. Ghanaians are too clever now and they are watching,” she stated in a Facebook post.



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