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EC’s computational errors justifies NDC’s request for probe


Columnist: Triple S Activists Ghana

Triple S Activist Ghana commends the EC of Ghana for conducting a peaceful election in the just ended polls. Despite a bit of challenges and delays, it is commendable that the EC was able to declare the election results within a good time frame, which curbed the tension that was erupting in some parts of the nation. Independent body, the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) says its Parallel Votes Tabulation (PVT) estimates are consistent with that of the EC, hence a confirmation of the result.

On another development, Triple S Activist Ghana is preview to the statement by the EC on the computational errors in the results of the just ended elections and is surprised the EC could commit such obtrusive errors. The commission indicates that such error did not affect the declaration, and this has been confirmed by Research Grant Institute of Ghana (REGIT), an independent and Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the generation, dissemination, and utilization of data.

Moreover, such errors place the integrity of the declaration in question. Triple S Activists Ghana sides with the legit questions raised against the credibility of the presidential election results by (REGIT), and hopes the outcome is probed through the right channel. The questions border on issues including (but not limited to), reasons that accounted to the computational errors; accuracy in the verification of results prior to the declaration; factors accounting for increments and decrements of candidates’ votes between the earlier and revised results, and the integrity of the overall revised result.

There is nothing like a perfect election. Errors in electioneering processes are inevitable, even in countries with centuries of practicing democracy. The case of the State of Florida in the USA during the 2000 elections is a typical example. Errors, however, cannot be left to slide under the carpet, especially when it seems conspicuous and capable of turning around the outcome of the polls.

Triple S Activists Ghana believes that our knowledge of the electioneering process obtained from the NPP or the NDC will not afford us the grounds to evaluate the magnitude of errors in the election, since both parties will only present data/information that support and defend their standpoint. Triple S Activists Ghana suggests that political parties refrain from comments and statements that could fuel any aggression and violent within our peaceful motherland, and direct their grievances through the right channel. Results could be challenged at the Electoral Commission or the law court, where cross-examination will bring to bear the nitty-gritty of the process. This would provide the citizenry an ability and the platform to evaluate the outcome of the polls, and for the right body (whether the EC or the law court) to make amendments, if need arises.


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