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Node Initiative seeks partnership to support cerebral palsy children


Unemployed father of a cerebral palsy child David Amissah, whose first child Nhyiraba Kweku a cerebral palsy has made passionate appeal to parents of cerebral palsy especially men not to abandon their cerebral palsy children to their mothers alone. He said it is not easy to take care of cerebral palsy children so if such children are left in the care of their mothers alone, it put a lot of burden on them. He made the appeal when NODE INITIATIVE, non-governmental organization based in Cape Coast Metropolis organized dinner for cerebral palsy children and their parents to mark the birth of Christ. Parents with cerebral palsy children are appealing to government and corporate Ghana to support them to cater for their children since most parents have lost their jobs as they had to dedicate their time to take care of such children. They are appealing for support especially the provision of diapers and others.


Dr.  Yemah Mariama Bockarie, a pediatrician at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital said about seventeen million people is affected by cerebral palsy. Dr. Mariama Bockarie is advising pregnant women to seek good anti-natal services, avoid in-take of herbal medication during pregnancy, avoid delivery at home, and seek early delivery at health facility. She said, delay in delivery and treatment of jaundice can also lead to cerebral palsy. In the treatment of jaundice, they should avoid placing jaundice children in the sun instead they should seek early treatment at health facility for phototherapy rather than placing them in the sun.


The Executive Director for NODE INITIATIVE, Nana Brew told the media that, the organization under it Human Initiative Project has decided to support and create awareness of cerebral palsy since less attention has been given to such cerebral palsy children. Since they started supporting and interacting with parents of cerebral palsy children, they have realized that, most parents are out of employment because they had to dedicate their entire time for their upkeep. It is the desire of NODE INITIATIVE to create awareness and also setup small businesses for such parents so they can continue to provide support for their cerebral palsy children.  They are appealing to government, philanthropists, individuals and organizations to partner them to support parents with cerebral palsy children.



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