Home Health Coronavirus: 13 Ghanaian doctors have been infected so far – Dr Baidoo

Coronavirus: 13 Ghanaian doctors have been infected so far – Dr Baidoo


A number of doctors in Ghana have been infected by the deadly Coronavirus, according to the Ashanti Divisional Chairperson of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Paa Kwesi Baidoo.

Ghana has so far recorded 1,550 cases with 11 deaths and 155 recoveries.

Dr Baidoo, who was speaking on Hello FM, disclosed that thirteen (13) doctors have so far been infected but did not give further details.

He also advised Ghanaians who are ‘joking’ with the virus to stop because ‘it is real’.

“About thirteen doctors have been infected on the job as of Wednesday. We shouldn’t joke with this virus. Some people think its joke or because Ghanaians are not dying we have some favour. The two weeks lockdown helped us trace contacts and most of the people are in the younger age group. Of 100 infected people in the country, 8 or 10 are in critical condition”.

“When they come we give them critical care. The efficacy of the virus depends on a persons immune systems. The few people who have died had other conditions but it doesn’t mean if you are young and have not conditions you won’t die”.

Meanwhile the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has extended the ban on social gatherings for two weeks.

He also said that government is working on a comprehensive plan to soon lift the restrictions imposed to curtail the spread of coronavirus in Ghana.

“I should be outlining shortly the path for bringing the restrictive measures systematically to an end and defining the basket of measures for the revival and growth of our national economy. We have to own our future.”

Source: Peace FM


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