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Cecilia Dapaah’s $1 million theft scandal kills Ken Ofori-Atta’s debt restructuring scheme


Opinions of Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Columnist: Joel Savage

After more than a million dollars, 300,000 pounds sterling, and local currency were stolen by housemaids working for the sanitation minister, Cecilia Dapaah, victims of debt restructuring in Ghana should question the charlatan Finance Minister about the necessity of subjecting them to this psychological torture. This article will explain why Ghanaians need to know that the NPP politicians have already embezzled enough money, therefore; rejecting Ken Ofori-Atta’s debt restructuring scheme is necessary.

After the collapse of the economy, to secure a financial deal with the International Monetary Fund, the finance minister announced that the nation must endeavor to obtain a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the creditors. He emphasized that the administration is in talks with its creditors to restructure its debt as the nation battles its worst economic crisis in a decade and to receive the $3 billion loan arrangement from the IMF, Ghana must cut its interest payments on its external debt by about $10.5 billion over the next three years.

The domestic debt exchange program measures from the International Monetary Fund put forward by Ken Ofori-Atta, harmed individual bondholders, banks, and other interest groups while eroding the investments of thousands of Ghanaians. This is unnecessary because, even though many disagreed with me, I claimed in several publications that Akufo Addo appointed his relative Ken Ofori-Atta as finance minister solely to facilitate family corruption.

However, I do not believe that intellectual Ghanaians will ignore the truth that Ghana’s terrible position was caused by the corruptible family of Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Gabby Otchere-Darko, even though he is not officially attached to this government. Cecilia Dapaah’s financial theft incident will help Ghanaians realize the corruption I’m referring to when I say that when a country faces significant debt and the government is unable to account for the money, that means corruption or embezzlement has occurred.

Since Akufo Addo view the majority of Ghanaians as stupid, it is easier to convince them that COVID and the Russia-Ukraine war collapsed the economy, while two contributing factors are not the real reasons but rather the result of pervasive corruption, including a large amount of stolen COVID funds.

In addition to the stolen COVID funds, many NPP politicians have substantial sums of stolen government funds, either at home or in family-run private banks.
No sane person should undervalue the ravenous desire for corruption among NPP leaders, notably Akufo Addo, Ken-Ofori-Atta, and other families, especially when it comes to a government that can steal money and deny that other reasons contributed to Ghana’s demise. I must be very clear that I am not advocating a coup in Ghana; yet, if one does take place today to remove Akufo Addo’s administration, Ghanaians will be stunned to see the money that will be seized from NPP politicians.

The entire Akufo Addo administration is made up of outright crooks who claim to be doing a good job and caring about the condition of the people while acting like vampires and sucking the blood of the victims. Ghanaians will agree with me that life has been wasted when comparing the corruption that existed during Rawlings’ era, to the corruption that exists under Akufo Addo’s administration, since those that Rawlings executed did not inflict the same kind of severe damage that this hyena-Akufo Addo’s family and politicians have.

In my opinion, Ghanaians allowing the finance minister to continue the debt restructuring for any upcoming agreements with the International Monetary Fund will, will be the most imprudent or stupid thing to do because Ghana has money. If Cecilia Dapaah’s home can hold this much cash, how much money has Ken Ofori-Atta or NPP politicians taken? Ken Ofori-Atta should file a lawsuit against me if he thinks that I have falsely accused him of stealing and called him a criminal.

The debt restructuring procedures presented by the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, in an effort to secure new grants with the IMF, must be rejected by Ghanaians. Ghana is not bankrupt; the NPP politicians have stolen public funds and stashed them away in their homes and personal accounts.

He uses the Bible to mislead Ghanaians because he is aware of their strong religious beliefs, but I must warn any sane Ghanaian that the finance minister is a professional criminal and dirty vulture who has devoured all the flesh of Ghana and is now giving the bones to the people to chew on because he views them as his dogs.

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