Tax payers in the Cape Coast Metro have expressed their dissatisfaction about their tax revenue utilization in the metropolis. They are demanding accountability from the assembly. The citizens want Cape Coast Metro assembly to show them development projects they have used their levies and fees for that inure to the benefit of tax payers.  There was heated debate between Cape Coast Metro budget analyst Simon Gador and participants at Tax Justice Coalition Ghana’s 2020 public forum held at Cape Coast to educate citizens on the need to honour tax obligation and judicious use of tax revenue to benefit the masses. The budget analyst was put to strict prove to list some of the project the assembly has used their levies to construct in the metropolis. Participants expressed their appreciation to Tax Justice Coalition Ghana for the training program. According to them, they have been enlightened about their tax obligations. They are now in better position to demand accountability from their assemblies.


The Cape Coast Metro budget analyst Simon Gador is urging citizens in the Cape Coast Metropolis and the entire country to demand accountability from their various assemblies of what their taxes are being used for as the law permit. He said his office had nothing to hide hence he is urging opinion leaders in the various communities to sermon assembly officers to come and account to the community.  According to him, since most assemblies are failing to organize social accountability forum to engage the public on how their levies and fees are utilized,  chiefs and other opinion leaders should organize and sermon assembly officials to come and account to them. This is one surest way to encourage tax compliance since community members know what their levies are utilized.

Dorcas Lomotey, treasurer at Tax Justice Coalition Ghana at the Southern Zone has identified lack of judicious use of tax revenue as one of the issues that demotivate tax compliance on the part of citizens. She also touched on lack of monitoring and lack of value for money for several projects. Tax Justice Coalition Ghana is urging citizens to have a stake in various projects within their assemblies to ensure judicious use of tax revenue to maximize development in the Central Region. The coalition has resolved to partner various assemblies to educate the public about the need to honour their tax obligations. Dorcas Lomotey assured citizens that Tax Justice Coalition Ghana will go step further to ensure their grievances are address by those in authority. The coalition will document grievances raised by citizens especially issues relating judicious use of tax revenue in their communities.


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