In collaboration with the Ghana Armed Forces, the Bui Power Authority has funded the construction of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the Bui Generating Station (BGS)-Covering approximately 1.800 square kilometres, this initiative aims to create a robust staging area for troops to address potential security threats to the BPA Acquired Lands and protect the strategic assets of the Government of Ghana.

A Forward Operating Base (FOB) is a military facility positioned in or near an operational area to provide support for military operations. FOBs serve as logistical hubs, command centers, and staging areas for troops in a particular area. FOBs typically house personnel, equipment, supplies, and infrastructure necessary to sustain military forces in the deployed environment. They play a crucial role in extending the reach of military operations and maintaining operational flexibility in various theaters of security threats.

The commissioning ceremony at the Bui Generation Station was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defence Kofi Amankwa manu, Chief of Defence Staff Lieutenant General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, Chief of the Air Staff Air Vice Marshal Frederick Asare Kwasi Bekoe, Chief of Navy Staff Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu and other service commanders.

In attendance were some traditional leaders including Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso I, Chief of Bui Nana Kojo Wuo II and Okokyeredom Kwadwo Sito, Paramount Chief of the Banda Traditional Area.

In his welcome remarks on behalf of the CEO. Deputy CEO Ing. Emmanuel Tandor said ‘’the decision to establish the FOB was prompted by the escalating terrorist threats from the Sahel Region, moving southward’’.

He added that Dollar Power, an illegal mining community in the Bole District of the Savannah Region, ‘’served as a hub for criminal activities, gangs, illegal miners, and potential terrorist groups, necessitating swift response measures’’.

He also said the close proximity of the Bui reservoir to the border heightened security concerns, demanding immediate measures to safeguard lives and property within the Bui enclave.

The construction of the Forward Operating Base, conducted in two phases starting in April2021, saw phase one completion in December 2023. This phase includes facilities such as accommodation for officers and other ranks, dining hall, kitchen, magazine armoury, two guard posts, observation posts, and a bio-digester.

He concluded by saying ‘’the commissioning of the Forward Operating Base marks a significant milestone for BPA’s Corporate Social Responsibility. It not only enhances security and productivity but also reduces logistics costs for the Military stationed at Dollar Power. Moreover, it creates local employment opportunities, stimulates economic growth, and underscores our commitment to maintaining law and order, protecting vital national assets, and ensuring the well-being of all residents within the Bui enclave’’.

On his part, Deputy Minister of Defence Honourable Kofi Amankwa Manu said government is highly committed to protecting all important strategic national assets such as infrastructures like the Bui Generating Station. The Ministry of Defence is therefore delighted that the Ghana Armed Forces is collaborating with such institutions to provide the necessary facilities such as the FOBs.


Gideon Kwame Sarkodie Osei

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