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Arrest those frustrating govt free water policy – Cent Reg Min to police


The Central Regional Minister Kwamena Duncan has charged the Central Regional Police Commander COP Paul Manly Awini, all District Commanders and the District Chief Executives not to spear those who are refusing to open their pipes to the general public to enjoy government free water policy. The Regional Minister has called on the Regional Police Commander to arrest all those disobeying the directives. The closure of the pipes is preventing the public from enjoying government free water policy. The Regional Minister ordered that, no pipe should be put under locked within these three months period government has directed the public to enjoy free water. He gave the order, when it came up at Moree, a fishing community that has recorded positive Covid-19 cases in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District in the Central Region that those operating pipes in the community only open the pipe early hours in the morning and close them. It has come out that coastal communities are recording higher Covid-19 case in the region. To address the growing number of Covid-19 cases, emergency health committee headed by the Regional Minister, has drawn a program to engage the people of Moree and other coastal communities in the region to sensitize them.


The Regent of Moree, Nana Kwabena Gyapong and his elders have directed that those without face masks will not be allowed to do any business in their market and the community. He expressed concern about none compliance to the mandatory wearing of face mask. Nana, said majority of his subjects still don’t believe the existence of the Coronavirus in the community. According Nana those sent to quarantine center didn’t understand it, hence, their co-operation with health authorities was a challenge. He was grateful that emergency health committee came to sensitize the people. Nana wants the people of Moree to know that Coronavirus is real in Moree community so they should do everything possible to adhere to the protocols to prevent its spread.

The Regional Police Commander COP Paul Manly Awini cautioned religious bodies who are defying the imposition of restriction law which bans social gathering must desist from it to avoid any arrest. It came up at the community sensitization that some churches at Moree are not complying to the order. COP Awini has called on the Kotokuraba District Police Commander to detailed men to arrest any church that may go against the directive.

Some citizens of the community who spoke to Adom News Team said whiles they were terrified when they heard that the community had a confirmed case others didn’t pay heed to the observation of the protocols. It was difficult for the people to adhere to social distance at the community. They expressed gratitude to the emergency health team for sensitizing the community.

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