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ACCCCAR to collaborate with Oguaa Trad Council and Assembly to end illegal fishing in Fosu Lagoon


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
Association of Concerned Cape Coast Citizens and Residents (ACCCCAR) Executive together with the following; Assembly Members for the area, Chief Fisherman and Representative from the Ministry of Fisheries, today met with Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, his divisional and sub Chiefs today at his Palace (Emintsimadze) to discuss the measures to mitigate illegal fishing and dumping of refuse in our Lagoon.

As an advocacy and development group, we are much concerned about how some of our people are polluting and destroying our Fosu Lagoon, especially, using an authorized net to kill all the fingerlings in the Lagoon.

As part of the measures, the perpetrators would be given the needed education from the next week on the need to use the right net to do so and the rest shall follow.

Nananom, CCMA, Police, Fisheries and ACCCCAR shall put their hands on the wheel to holistically end it to save our Lagoon and sweet Tilapia, superseding all the Tilapias in Africa.

God bless our ancient Capital Cape Coast.

Best regards
George Justice Arthur
General Secretaty

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