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18/ 04/ 24

I had the opportunity this evening to monitor an interview granted by Mr. Alan Kyerematen today, April 18, 2024 on Onua Fm’s political talk show known as “Pae Mu Ka” hosted by Yaa Titi, and I must say that the man is very dishonest and insensitive just as the government he recently left.

He made some frivolous statements when he was asked about the state of the Komenda Sugar Factory when he left office.

He was very evasive when answering the questions posed by the interviewer. He alleged that the previous administration wanted to sell the factory, which is absolutely deceptive.

He asserted that the NPP Government should have left the factory to sit idle in perpetuity, because they did not initiate it. But they thought about the suffering Ghanaians which compelled them to turn their attention to it.

I wish to ask the following questions;
1. Is that the reason why you and the NPP Government used dubious means to sign a management contract with the West Africa Agro-Tech Ghana Limited (WAATCO) under your tenure as a Minister responsible for Trade and Industry?
2. Could you be kind enough to tell Ghanaians why WAATCO is not working but the company receives a management fee of US$50,000 every month from the Government of Ghana?
3. Is it possible you’ve been receiving your share of the amount from WAATCO every month due to your involvement in that contract?
4. Do you know that the sugarcanes on 125 acre nursery farm that you and the NPP government sold to akpeteshie distillers in July 2018 were meant for the development of the raw materials?
5. Why did your government refuse to access the US$24.54 million from the Exim Bank of India which was meant for the sugarcane development and outgrowth scheme?
6. Why didn’t you and the NPP government prosecute anyone if indeed there was any wrongdoing?
7. How much did your government use to renovate the sugar factory?
8. Is it a sheer wickedness on the part of you and the NPP Government to make the people of Komenda and Central Region remain impoverished, while this factory could create over 7,000 jobs, or you lacked the ideas and knowledge to make the factory running?

Mr. Kyerematen must first apologise to Ghanaians for his ineptness and insensitivity after wasting six years at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Secondly, he must apologise to the Indian Government for trying to impugn the work executed by the Indian Exim Bank, the National Federal of Sugar Factories in India and the SefTech India Private Limited.

Mr. Kyerematen’s assertions clearly show that they lacked the political will to operationalise the sugar factory. His posture clearly indicates that their interest was to enhance the business of the sugar importers thus, the idleness of the sugar factory.
But we can assure the good people of Ghana that, the next NDC Government led by H.E John Dramani Mahama and Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang would have no option than to operationalise the Komenda Sugar Factory. Komenda will once again appear on the industrial map of Ghana.

Thank you.


(Former Member/ Secretary – Komenda Sugar Project Management Board)

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