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NPP MP: My 3yr better than NDC 8yr record-AAK MP (Elvis Morris Donkoh) touts achievement


The Member of Parliament for Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese Constituency Elvis Morris Donkoh has touted his three year achievements to be better than NDC’s eight year records. According to the MP, there is no single community in the two hundred and sixty-five (265) villages that make up the constituency without his project. Speaking to what has been achieved under employment, he said they have given jobs to thousands of youth under afforestation and Nation’s Builders Corp programs. In addition to that, he has personally supported over five hundreds youth to undergo apprenticeship training in beautician, fashion design, carpentry and others. His contribution to access to potable water and health care delivery is not left out.


Adom News gathered divergent views from the voters when we spoke to them to ascertain the MP’s claim of superior records under his three year stewardship. Some voters told www.ghanabanews.com they could not see his development projects he spoke about whiles others confirm his claim. Some of those we spoke to expressed that they campaigned for the New Patriotic Party during 2016 election. Some even said they sent money to people living outside Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese constituency to come and vote for the party. Looking at the economic hardship being experienced, the same can’t be said about the party. They have lost interest in the party and doesn’t think they can campaign for the party come 2020 election.


When quizzed about voters inability to see his numerous development projects as he claimed, especially the people of Moree.  He was shocked voters expressed divergent views as far as his contribution and visibility is concern most especially where some of those who spoke to Adom News claimed to be NPP members and had campaigned for the party during 2016 election. The Member of Parliament quickly attributed the situation to lack of effective communication. He pledged to work with the party’s communication team to strongly communicate the good works of the party and government to the people.



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