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Nana Akomea, a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed concern about the use of an alias on a Jubilee House letter.

The letter is in relation to a diplomatic passport request for Kwabena Adu Gyamfi (alias Victor Kusi Boateng), a member of the National Cathedral of Ghana Board of Trustees.

He was granted a diplomatic passport through regular processes, court filings available to GhanaWeb showed in a case he filed against North Tongu Member of Parliament, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

He, however, lost the case after the Accra High Court said his use of both names was illegal because aside being different, the two identities had separate dates of birth, tax identification numbers and mothers.

Reacting to the fact that Adu Gyamfi was referred to on the official document as, alias Victor Kusi Boateng, Akomea stated on Good Morning Ghana show last Friday:

“I am a little surprised that the gentleman that Sammy is talking about (his) aka (also known as) is actually been quoted on official letters, which I believe is a bit unusual.

“I have an aka and I would be surprised if somebody wrote me an official letter saying Nana Akomea aka Olooji… it’s just when I went into politics that people call me by my name,” he submitted stressing that he had been known by the Olooji alias since secondary school, A and O Level days till his days in the university.

The names and dates of birth of the clergyman, also referred to as Victor Kusi Boateng; has in the last year being subject of public scrutiny after Ablakwa started probing into documents around the cathedral project.

It is from the filings to support his case (by Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah – Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana) that the letter through which a request was made for him to be granted a diplomatic passport has popped up.

The letter dated October 27, 2021 was addressed to the Chief of Staff and titled: DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT FOR OFFICIAL TRAVEL: NCG TRUSTEE MEMBER/SECRETARY.

The request was essentially to facilitate his travels because he was supposed to be a “key part in both the fundraising and play significant roles,” around international fundraising and development of International Institutional partnerships for the project.

The letter was signed by the Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana and copied to the Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

Other documents available to GhanaWeb shows that the request was approved and communicated to the NCG in a letter from the office of the President signed by Secretary to the President, Nana Asante Bediatuo on November 21, 2021.

See the letter below:


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