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3 pro-Bawumia chairmen ‘sacked’ from Alan’s meeting in Ashanti Region


Politics of Friday, 28 July 2023

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Alex Sarfo Kantanka, the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Juaben Constituency of the Ashanti region, popularly known as Aluta, has revealed what he referred to as divisions within the party.

Aluta claims that he and two other chairmen of the party were sacked from a meeting organized by the campaign team of NPP flagbearer hopeful, Alan John Kyerematen, due to their open support for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who is also vying for the party’s flagbearer position.

The incident, according to him, occurred when the meeting details were shared on their party platform, and he (Kantanka) decided to attend.

According to his account, upon arriving at the meeting, he was confronted by a party member who told him that he was not invited and that his presence was not needed.

Speaking in an interview on Wontumi TV on July 27, 2023, he further explained that the reason given was that the list provided to the party’s constituency chairman for Nhyieso, Joe Card, did not include him.

“Yesterday, there was a message posted that Alan Kyerematen’s camp, led by Eugene, was calling for a meeting at Eugene’s office, located at Sobolo’s side. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well, and I had to go to the clinic for a check-up.

“After my clinic visit, I went directly to the meeting venue. When I arrived, I noticed that some fellow chairmen were already present. Someone came up to me, looking for the Juaben chairman, and I identified myself as the one.

“However, I assumed it was a regular regional meeting, so I attended without thinking of anything else. The person mentioned that the MP was calling me, so I obliged and joined the meeting.

“So, when I went, he questioned the purpose of my presence there, and what I’m doing there, I explained that I came because the meeting details were shared on our party platform. At that moment, I noticed Joe Card at one of the tables, writing some names down.

“He then informed me that I was not supposed to be part of the meeting, citing a list given to him as the reason that I am not part of the meeting. I inquired why they didn’t distinguish between those who were supposed to attend the meeting on the platform and those who were not, instead of allowing us to come only to be informed that we weren’t welcome. He then told me that with respect to the money that they have given to him to share, my name is not part so he cannot pay me with his pocket money,” he narrated.

Speaking out about the incident, Kantanka expressed disappointment over how he was treated, emphasizing the need for unity within the party, especially as the party’s internal elections were approaching.

He questioned whether such division and exclusion were conducive to building a stronger party ahead of the upcoming elections.

Kantanka further disclosed that the party’s Constituency Chairman for Nhyiaeso, Joe Card, was allegedly behind the orchestrated removal of the three chairmen from the meeting.

He accused Joe Card of causing division within the party due to their support for Vice President Bawumia’s bid for the flagbearer position.

“So, when I was about to leave, he gave me an envelope for transportation and I went, later on, and I heard that I wasn’t the only person that they sacked from the meeting, Chairman Aikins, Bosomtwe chairman, and Effigyaise Chairman, Chairman Karikari were also sacked from the meeting.

“But let me say this, we are calling for unity in our party and we are about to vote, so, if you tell your brother that he is not supposed to be part of a meeting that you have called, so, with this person following the said aspirant, can he come and help the party? Can he unite us? what you have done, if Alan is coming to my constituency.

“Let me speak the truth, I am no longer a child, I’m sixty-one-year-old I cannot lie for anything, for myself and my family everybody supports Wontumi, even if he is beheaded my wife and children will vote for him, and the same thing has to do with Bawumia that even if he is beheaded, my wife and children will vote for him, Kofi Agyei (Joe card), yourself and I were supporting Bawumia so why do you treat me this way for supporting Bawumia, you are just bringing division in the Ashanti region,” he added.

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