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The board of trustees for National Cathedral appears more political in shadows, less religious in reality


I find it a betrayal of trust and the height of disappointment; the ease with which the clergy have succumbed to the perilous manipulations of an ill-fated president; Nana Akufo-Addo who is fast succeeding at his underhand plans to gag all discerning and dissenting voices, including those of the clergy.

But who would have thought that, our revered clergymen and women who are being identified as principled personalities, given their statuses and roles in the society, could be this gullible and thoughtless! Thus, allowing themselves to be swayed by the president like a tethered animal.

How needful is to us, a cathedral at this juncture of our life as a nation when we keep borrowing to pay off existing debts? Is it that we’ve no place where people can congregate to church and worship? Or we want it for the mere reason that others have it? Or they (board of trustees) are just being roped in by the most cunning president in the anals of Ghanaian history to accept and pursue his personal pledge of building a national cathedral, a pledge which conception is obviously not motivated by faith but by the loot that will be dubiously created through it, for his profit.

That our religious leaders who ought to have been the mouthpiece of the voiceless; the vulnerable and the less privileged, have gone all out, in support of the construction of a Worthless cathedral at the expense of the Ghanaian child who studies with hunger in our public schools because the same government which has prioritized the building of a cathedral is unable to pay off the debts owed caterers of the school feeding programme.

And at the same time, the unemployed youth, most of whom have exited NABCO over half a year now and are back to square one, are finding it extremely difficult to afford a meal a day, given the harsh economic conditions of our dear nation.

A question that begs an answer from the board of trustees is this; are we sure a luxurious cathedral is what the Lord wants? when most of His, “children” in Ghana today, go to bed with an empty stomach.

Speaking about this issue brings to mind, a matter, I still cannot fathom but question the source of motivation and confidence with which some members of the clergy tried to persuade parliament and the former president; His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to accept and allow for the passage of the E-levy at the displeasure of the very congregants whom they lead.

Were they actually doing so because they thought that was necessary for us as a nation? Or they did that in exchange for the dubious funding of the cathedral? as illegally and surreptitiously orchestrated by the most reckless government.

This, coupled with the current disposition of the board of trustees for the national cathedral is so questionable and insensitive! To the extent that, they are suggesting the usage of the proceeds of the Heritage fund to foot the bill of such worthless project, unmindful of the devious attitude of the president towards funding such project of purity, is so uncharitable, faithless and portrays them more as politicians in the shadows and very less as responsible men and women of God.

source:Columnist: Moses Dometey



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