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Police, Afenyo-Markin plotting criminality against me – Effutu NDC Candidate


The Parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for Effutu in the Central Region, Dr. James Kofi Annan, is accusing the Winneba Police Command of conniving with the Member of Parliament for the area to perpetuate illegality against him.

According to him, the two are bending the rules of the Police Service and that of the country just to tag him as corrupt.

He indicates that the two are pushing for him to write a caution statement for a civil act which has no place in the country’s criminal law procedure.

He stated that he received a call from a CID officer of the Winneba police that one Benjamin Ackah had filed a complaint against him with regards to wrongful payment into he, Kofi Annan’s bank account and that he was mandated to write a statement, be cautioned and charged for court.

”In our discussions, it never came up that they needed my bank statement but they went to court to secure order allowing them to get my bank account details and that should tell you the extent that the police have gone in a civil case” he indicated.

Addressing the media in Winneba on the background to the said payment, Dr. James Kofi Annan explained that a call by one of the chiefs in the area to support his campaign leading to the payment of money into his account has been branded by the police as a criminal act when he hasn’t committed any crime.

He stressed that unknown to him, it was persons who are affiliated to Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin who had hidden behind some close aides of the chief to make Ghc50,000 payment into his account on February 4 and 7; same day that the chief had promised to pay Ghc100,000 in two tranches into his bank account.

‘‘After the two installments were made, the two pay-in-slips were sent to the said traditional leader who had promised me money through my organizer. How did it happen that two cheques supposedly wrongfully paid into my account on different dates, both have their deposit slips sent to the traditional person who promised the amounts, and the person subsequently sent the two slips on the separate occasions to me? He quizzed.

He added that the supposed payee who never complained of wrongful payment of money to him rather went to report the matter to the police with the police after his heels.

Dr. Kofi Annan stressed that such matters which are purely civil should not cause the police to seek to process him for court as he is ordinarily expected to make the appropriate checks to determine the veracity of the said claims of payment into his account.

He emphasized that officers at the Winneba police command have since been harassing him to write a statement based on which he, Kofi Annan suspects will be used to tarnish his hard-won reputation in the media just to give political advantage to his political opponent Alexander Afenyo-Markin.

Dr. James Kofi Annan indicates that what makes the situation worse is the fact that the police are not showing interest in finding out how his bank details were procured for the transfer of money when he only gave those details to the traditional leader and no one else.

”I gave my personal GCB Bank account details to only the traditional leader who promised to donate some amount of money into my account. How did the drawer procure my personal bank account number with the GCB Bank? How come the same person made a mistake twice and paid the said amounts into the same account in my name, from GCB to CBG” ?

He added that evidence abound that the said scheme is the handiwork of the Member of Parliament for the area, Alexander Afenyo-Markin as all names popping up are closely linked to him necessitating that investigation be extended to him if the police are to be taken seriously in their fight against crime.

”Our snap check investigations reveal that the company from which the cheque was drawn, Petrinock Invest Enterprise, was registered with the Registrar General’s Department, on November 19, 2019, with the said Benjamin Ackah as the sole proprietor. His telephone and Post Office Address as indicated on the form all point to him and one John Banafo who appear linked to Afenyo-Markin whom I am contesting in the next elections”. He stated.


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