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2020 election results will be rejected if EC rejects stakeholder contributions – Kwesi Pratt


The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has said he will lead Ghanaians to reject the 2020 general election results should the Electoral Commission (EC) ignore the contribution of stakeholders and conduct the polls the way it wants.

Speaking at a public forum organised by the Coalition of CSOs for Good Governance on whether or not the EC needs to compile a new voters’ register for 2020 General Elections, the social commentator raised a lot concerns regarding the EC’s proposal and said the move could plunge the country into a post-election chaos.

Bemoaning the lack of transparency on the part of the electoral body, Mr Pratt Jnr said the timing of the registration as proposed by the EC has the tendency top mar the polls since irregularities are bound recorded across the country.

He said the EC’s justification for the new register did not make sense, saying the EC cannot ignore the inputs of political parties and go ahead to do what it wants under the guise of its autonomy.

Asking Ghanaians to rise against the EC’s way of handling the matter, Mr Pratt noted that the country cannot continue to accept election results replete with irregularities stemmed from the negligence or arrogance of the EC’s topmost bosses. He then warned the Jean Mensah-led EC to work in the interest of all the political parties and not the Akufo-Addo administration.

“If the elections is held in a coni coni way as we are beginning to see, we won’t accept the results,” the veteran journalist said and hastened that the country’s 1992 constitution requires Ghanaians to uphold it.

“Reject imposters, criminals and people who have hanky punky ways of doing things,” he added saying a “hanky panky way of assuming power in this country” must stop and stressed that it is only the citizens that can rise to stop the arrogance of the EC bosses as enshrined in the 1992 constitution.

The Coalition of CSOs for Good Governance has, therefore, announced a demonstration to protest the compilation of a new voters’ register in the Northern regional capital, Tamale on Saturday.

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